Google and Childbirth (!!??)

I guess Google is celebrating its 10th birthday? (I found this out via Plurk, by the way.)

Before heading to the Burning Man festival in the Nevada desert, Larry and Sergey incorporate the iconic Man into the logo to keep cognoscenti informed about where the Google crew would be for a few days.

Before heading to the Burning Man festival in the Nevada desert, Larry and Sergey incorporate the iconic Man into the logo to keep cognoscenti informed about where the Google crew would be for a few days.

Awww, it’s kind of a cute image, their little doodle. Anyway, I came across a google blog post about a bulk order of silly putty, and this image below struck me funny… or disturbing… or both.

Googlers extracting silly putty

Googlers extracting silly putty

This picture makes me think of conventional modern hospital “delivery.” What do you think?

* All images are property of google which I hope are ok to use under creative commons licensing?

Shout Out for Creativity

I have to give a BRAVA! to Indexed.  A fellow plurker posted a link to this site, and I nearly peed my pants (which by the way would have been a crime as I am on the most awesome couch ever put on this planet).

Many of my friends know that I’m doing a vocal science program this summer in Denver.  It’s funny that I was directed to this site, because I drew something on my last exam that would probably resonate with Jessica Hagy, the talented author of Indexed.

I’ll have to redraw it and post it for you.  Perhaps there is some way for me to combine line drawing with mind mapping to help make some of the concepts I am learning more digestible for the voice community.  Hmm . . .

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The Unsavory Side of Sunblock

My husband and I honeymooned in Jamaica ten years ago.  We had a fabulous time taking catamaran cruises, sunbathing, playing sand volleyball (and winning the international championship – woot!), learning how to wind surf, scuba diving.  I also began to develop sun sensitivity.

The summer after our honeymoon I noticed that I would get these annoying itchy bumps on my arms, especially on my elbows and wrists, whenever I was out in the sun and got too hot.  The student health center doctor didn’t think it looked like a sun allergy or a heat rash.  Over the years it has gotten worse.  It’s a horrible problem now but somewhat controlled through liberal and regular application of high-SPF sunscreen.

I was browsing twitter and friendfeed today, and a friendfeed friend posted a link to this post about the danger of sunscreen.  Great – what do I do now?

Here are some of the strategies I’ve developed over time.  This isn’t rocket science, people.  But do consider that your long-term health (and that of your children, especially if you drench them in sunscreen as I do) may be at stake.

  1. Spend 10 minutes in the sun without sunscreen every day.  We all need vitamin D, and we certainly aren’t getting the minimum amount from our diets!
  2. Try to find a sunscreen with the least amount of unnatural ingredients.  Use it to build up a base tan.
  3. Wear a hat and sunglasses.
  4. Sit in the shade when you can.
  5. Wear long-sleeved shirts when you’re hiking or gardening.
  6. Avoid the sun between 10:00 am and 4:00 pm.

The problem for me is that not only do I have this sun allergy, but also I have problems with melasma.  Lucky me.  So I ask again – what do I do now??

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My brain on vocal science

I am doing an intensive research study program this summer in Denver.  I’m learning more than I ever thought I needed to know about how the voice works.  Yesterday was an anatomy crash course which sent me to Amazon to purchase anatomy coloring books.  Yes, I did say COLORING books.  Today was a crash course on biomechanics – ya know, just enough to really scramble my noodle.  Newton’s Laws and all that.

I know that eventually there will be some neat way to apply what I’m learning about the hard sciences even to my advocacy work.  I’ll share my ruminations as they attack me in my dreams.  Currently I’m still considering sending a pipe bomb to one of my old doctoral professors.  (No, not really!)  I’m disgusted that I have a terminal degree (a doctorate for chrissakes!) and don’t already know 1/8 of the material I’ve encountered in the last two days of class.

Tagging myself

I read a FriendFeed “friend’s” tagged post, and thought I might add some random details about myself:

  • I used to be a Republican, sort of – I worked for CNN during the 1992 RNC and interviewed for a job with Senator Phil Gramm whom I met through an assistantship I held with then Mayor (now Congresswoman) Kay Granger (whom I wrongly assumed was a Democrat)
  • I still like mac & cheese and hot dogs (and yes I know that hot dogs are made of lips, asses, and worse)
  • I pick the random wiry black hairs off of my blonde head; they grow back
  • I can sing lower pitches than some men
  • I carry around water and don’t drink it; I prefer coffee and alcoholic bevies
  • I’m a social mediaphile – I FriendFeed, I Plurk, I Tweet, I blog, I post, and e-mail is becoming much less relevant to my on-line experiences

Anyone else want to share their gory details??