Face-off: Amnio v. VBAC

Currently, the VBAC water is feeling frigid. I left my previous OB for a couple of reasons, but the practical one is that they likely won’t be offering VBAC services anymore. They are not on campus at the hospital and are required to labor sit which completely paralyzes their private practice. Understandable but sucky . . . Oh how I miss Bloomington.

So much bad press for VBACs. OBs may or may not be supportive. OBs may say they support a woman’s right to choose a VBAC but secretly schedule them for a repeat C. Hospitals don’t want to do them, especially smaller hospitals. Insurance companies don’t want docs to do them. And the list is increasing. And so is the elective c-section rate. So much for the “do no harm” mantra.

I bet you didn’t know this!

The risk of a uterine rupture during a VBAC is 2 per 1,000. This may be a small percentage, but per capita, it’s still a large number. Uterine ruptures can cause death or neurological impairment in babies. Scary thought.

But . . .

Did you know that the risk for amniocentesis causing miscarriage is something between 1 in 200 and 1 in 400! This is more than 10 times the risk of death from a uterine rupture!

I need to do more thorough research on these figures, but considering that doctors aren’t discouraging the use of amniocentesis, I find the lack of support for VBAC candidates from the medical community to be shameful.


3 thoughts on “Face-off: Amnio v. VBAC

  1. Hi, I just clicked on your blog from the vbac email list. I am a fellow VBAC hopeful due in early November. I just saw that you mentioned wishing you were still in bloomington. Do you mean bloomington MN? I live in Bloomington,MN, but just moved here, so don’t know much about docs here. If you meant in MN, can you give me some leads. If not, best wishes on your VBAC adventure. It’s an uncertain rollercoaster ride, but hopefully with a happy ending! 🙂 my email is dhunt13@hotmail.com. Thanks.

  2. Hey Kimberly….just an addition…the genetic counselor at my peri’s office said the the most recent findings have amnio miscarriages down to 1 in 1600. And they are finding most of them are pregnancies that are at risk of self terminating anyway.

    I apologize for not having more details to back that up with, but it’s just another nugget o’ info I thought I’d share.


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