Why am I awake?

Earlier this evening I couldn’t stay awake. Our daughter was still talking and playing and yelling and crying in her crib, but I was zonked. Then I woke up to go to the restroom, and it’s been awake time ever since.

All I can think about is this pregnancy. I’m way ahead of myself here since I’m barely 4 weeks (counting from date of last period) pregnant. We haven’t even told our families yet! Yet just like last time, I am consumed by the idea and feelings of pregnancy.

I already feel “different” – I knew within days of ovulating that I was pregnant. Think that is impossible? Yeah, that’s what I would have thought too were the shoe on the other foot. But that shoe didn’t fit my foot this time around! I KNEW.

Currently feel: a tad queasy, bloated, like I have a lump in my throat, thirsty, often quite tired


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