A Better Version

Thank goodness for talented and generous friends. One of my on-line friends took the original image and took out the color. I traced over the lines in the text with permanent marker (a PITA), and then colored the rest.
I have to complain a bit about the transfer paper I used. Keep in mind that I don’t have any previous experience with transfers, at least not that I can remember. I used Art Wear Design Sheets by June Tailor. Simply stated, you can “[p]rint images or color with markers & crayons . . .” No warnings in the directions about using fine-tipped pens or pencils (scratches the paper) or that markers may “eat away” at the paper. Or that using crayons may pull some of the marker ink or ink jet ink into the colored portions. There are no additional instructions or words of advice at the website.
I haven’t dealt with the ironing yet, but hopefully all goes well. I’ve used 2 pages out of the 3-pack thus far, and the 3rd page isn’t in very good condition for some unexplained reaon.


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