Backpacking in the Cabinets

Well, that’s what they’re called . . . the Cabinet Mountains.  They are in NW Montana and simply gorgeous! 


It was great to get some fresh air and work my body in a way that I had nearly forgotten.  I was the slowest of the bunch, but given all I’ve been through, I’m pretty durned proud of myself!The first night was difficult.  I wasn’t feeling great.  My head hurt.  I forgot a pen, so I couldn’t journal.  I went to bed and the miscarriage kept flashing red in my mind.  I just couldn’t shut it out.  So I said a decade of Hail Marys and then started meditating on my breath, and I finally went to sleep.

I left a lot of emotional pain up there in the mountains.  My baby isn’t forgotten, but I feel renewed in spirit and hopeful that we’ll conceive and have another baby in the near future.


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