Cesarean Art

Thanks to ICAN’s e-list/group I learned about Cesarean Art.  Those of you who suffer (notice present tense) from previous sections will certainly see something here with which you identify.  Those of you who wish to avoid c-sections (and I hope that’s EVERYONE) should take this woman’s work very seriously.  You may think it’s okay now to succumb to the pressure of the formidable medical industry, but many of us who have been cut, live with and mourn the choices that were made by us and/or for us.

Read this woman’s disclaimer.  It totally disgusts me that people have disrespected her feelings and her expression of her personal experiences.  People can really stink.  And then sometimes you meet someone unexpected – they’ve been cut like you, or they’ve had a miscarriage like you, or they’ve tried cloth diapering like you, and a kinship is formed.  I do not know this artist – but she is kin.  She is one of my many Sisters.


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