On Tuesday I had an appointment with a PA at a (new to me) OB group in town.  It was to have been my first prenatal appointment, so it was a sad day.  However, I left the appointment feeling more positive than I had in weeks.

On Thursday I almost felt like my “normal” self.  Of course I still cry at the drop of a hat when my lost pregnancy is mentioned.  My hormones are still volatile . . . or I’m still volatile . . . but I’d rather just stick to blaming it on hormones.

I’m still taking my prenatal vitamins and other regular medication.  But I’ve also been supplementing with Yellow Dock and Vitex tinctures.  My skin is calming down, so I’m hoping that these herbs are helping my system restore itself.  And I’m also taking an antibiotic for the next 10 days because I evidently did have a low-grade uterine infection.

Now I’m just waiting for AF (my menses) to reappear and praying that my subsequent cycles will be relatively regular.


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