AF Returns!

Most women don’t get all excited about the return of their menses.  I, on the other hand, am elated.  This is the first one following my miscarriage, and it returned nearly “on time” (a bit insulting).  I don’t know if this new chiropractic treatment helped or what, but regardless, it means that I can start the journey towards pregnancy and childbirth again.

I still have my sad moments, but it’s incredible how far I’ve come from the start of the month to today.  It’s been the longest month of my life, and certainly one of the most challenging.  I thank God for restoring my health – emotional and physical – and yet, for not completely taking away the pain of this experience.  I’ve learned to appreciate my body (and the health of the mind-body) in a new way, and I’m involved with groups of women I might never have encountered otherwise.

Blessings to you all this last day of August.


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