ICAN in Montana!

I know I have a link in my blogroll to ICAN, but if you are not aware of the International Cesarean Awareness Network or if you don’t know why people should be aware of ICAN or problems with cesarean birth (physically and philosophically), then I recommend visiting their site right now!  If you’ve had a cesarean in the past, go visit now.  If you’re pregnant or thinking of becoming pregnant, you need to learn all you can about cesarean births.

ICAN has the potential to do a lot of good in our local communities.  Therefore, it is critical for local chapters of ICAN to be formed in our hometowns.  Currently there is no ICAN chapter in Montana, and if you look at any of my recent posts dealing with childbirth in Montana, you’ll see how great a need we have as an organization to service women, children, partners, and care providers in this state.

We have started a Yahoo Group for ICAN of Montana.  Please consider joining the discussion once you have familiarized yourself with the basic tenets of ICAN.  I hope to *see* you there!


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