Where I Am with What I’ll Do and When ~ Part 1

I’m like a big sponge.  I soak something in that’s new and different every day.  I am certainly a “life long” learner, and my current subject is ethical and noninvasive maternal care for pregnant and laboring women.  Sometimes this blog is a place for me to “dump” my ideas about pregnancy and childbirth, and certainly this post fits into that category.

First Trimester Dos and Don’ts

  • Because I am planning a VBAC and know when I ovulated (I track my basal body temperature and other fertility signs), I will not have a first trimester ultrasound unless I deem it medically necessary.  An ultrasound will not give me any information with regard to childbirth outcomes, but it will give care providers ammunition for intervention should a baby gestate past 40 weeks.
  • I will not pee in a cup.  What’s the point?
  • I may request a quantitative hcg test just to put my mind at ease with regard to progesterone levels in early pregnancy.
  • I will continue to see my chiropractor as my spinal and pelvic health and nervous system function is essential for a healthy pregnancy.
  • I will try to exercise and make better nutritional choices.
  • I will continue taking a liquid fish oil supplement recommended by my chiropractor, taking prenatal vitamins, and drinking lots of herbal tea.
  • I will get to know my pelvis by working with the Pink Kit.
  • I will be primarily responsible for my health and health indicators (such as blood pressure readings).
  • I will request medical records from my previous hospital and previous care providers so that I may be better informed of what may or may not have contributed to the eventual cesarean section with my daughter.
  • I will not submit myself and my gestating baby to nonessential testing.  I will not contribute to the outrageous cost for maternal health care in this country.  I will not financially support this inherently subversive and paternalistic industry (and childbirth is a well-crafted industry at this point in our nation’s umm . . . “development”).

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