Cesarean Pandemic in New Jersey

Kudos to ICAN subscriber, Dana, for posting correct statistics for New Jersey following misrepresentations of New Jersey’s maternal health crisis in her local paper.

She writes:

New Jersey is experiencing a Caesarean pandemic. Women in New Jersey are being coerced into Caesarean deliveries for such questionable reasons as: prolonged labor, suspected macrosomia (large baby) as estimated by ultra-sound (which can be off by up to 2 pounds), advanced maternal age, multiple gestations and breech presentation.

I hope that pregnant women all over the country will be alarmed at the cesarean rates in New Jersey.  Evidence shows that the risks from cesarean section outweigh the benefits when the cesarean rate exceeds 10-15% as established by the World Health Organization. 

To read Dana’s response to the inaccurate article, click here.  The paper didn’t link her article to the original, but click here to read it anyway.


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