What I Learned from the Massage Therapist

My angel chiropractor made me an appointment with a massage therapist.  She does therapeutic and medical massage.  She also claims to be sort of psychic.  Now I can’t even pretend to write articulately about this massage, so you’ll have to bear with me.

She was working on the right side of my back which she calls the male/action side – the “yang”.  She detected some anger and fear from pressing on my right kidney.  So she suggested that I have some anger over past things that were left undone.  I mentioned that I tend to “what if” some of the larger events of my life.

“What if” keeps you in the past. 
Instead, say “What do I need to do . . .”

This made a lot of sense to me.  What iffing the past doesn’t allow you to learn and grow.  What iffing keeps you in the rut of the past and the old mistakes of the past.  “What do I need to do . . . ” empowers you to look to the future.

Fight “for” not “against”

This is a really healthy way of viewing my advocacy work.  Fighting against the establishment will be much more difficult and frustrating than fighting for women and babies.  I believe in ICAN and fully support their mission, and I hope that ICAN of Greater Missoula will stay focused on fighting for transparent care for women in Montana.

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