Weblob in the brain

Weblob . . . get it?  Instead of weblog I said weblob.

Read this post at the True Face of Birth if you want to get really depressed about a look into the future of childbirth in this country.  (Thanks to a fellow ICAN member for posting the link.)  I guess we’d all better get on a diet.  I wonder when normal BMI is going to be considered a risk . . . and well, I’m 5’10” and a “hefty” size 10.

She mentions a book by Michel Odent entitled The Caesarean.  I don’t know about this book.  But the quote she takes from the book resonates with me:

The aim should be that as many women as possible give birth vaginally thanks to an undisturbed flow of love hormones. However, the primary objective should not be to reduce the rates of caesareans: it would be dangerous, if not preceded by a first step. This first step should be an attempt to promote a better understanding of birth physiology and particularly a better understanding of the basic needs of women in labour.

I might have to look for a copy.  So the goal isn’t (or shouldn’t be?) really to prevent cesarean birth but to work the problem from the other angle.  Women have been trained (or seduced) into a particular mindset: pregnancy and childbirth needs active medical management (because it’s an abnormal condition or disease); active medical management improves birth outcomes (because everything is better managed at a hospital); labor doesn’t have to hurt (because there are drugs); women don’t have to nurse (because there is formula and bonding is a myth made up by homebirth wackos); women can now labor in lovely comfy maternity wards (these “wards” aren’t really part of a hospital… it’s not like that at ALL!); etc ad nauseum.

Why are we a country so afraid to feel?  I guess that what allows our policy makers to get any sleep at night.  A topic for another night perhaps.

Watch this video which clearly shows how nearly ONE in THREE women (and their babies) experience childbirth.  Thanks for your work, Gretchen!

I highly recommend subscribing to ICAN’s E-News!  Arm yourself with information that comes from sources other than the American “College” of Obstetrics and Gynecologists (ACOG) and the government.  And don’t just take ICAN’s word for it – other maternal health groups are doing a good job of getting the truth out there.

Last thought of the evening: I love doing this weblog.  I get to vent all of my radical feminist laundry.  Well, actually if you read up on epistemology, radical feminism isn’t all that radical, and yes, I fit fairly well into that form of feminism.  Ok, so I’m more radical than some but DEFINITELY not as much as others in my field(s) of interest!!


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