Business of Being Born Buzz

I was thrilled to read Navelgazing Midwife’s thoughts on The Business of Being Born.  I’m just getting so excited about bringing this to Missoula!

I’d like to pull a couple of points out of her post and subsequent article to pique your interest (if that’s even necessary)!

When someone goes in as a natural birth advocate, they come out a natural birth fanatic. I am not kidding. We’ve watched as pregnant woman after pregnant woman walked into the movie a hospital patient and walk out with a list of midwives in their hand or Dr. Wonderful’s card if they are still unsure about birthing outside of the hospital.

And families who were initially hesitant to support a midwifery-attended birth have become ardent supporters intent on converting their misunderstanding friends.

This is unfortunate:

I’m finding it challenging to get the press to either view the movie or to cover the importance of it in our community. It seems some people find natural birth not newsworthy… a big ol’ yawn.


Together, we can bring more people to know what we’ve known for far too long.



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