VBAC Ban in Houston of all places?

I can’t believe my eyes . . . and in the huge cosmopolitan giant of the South.  West Houston Medical Center is planning to disallow (as if they have any right to do so) VBACs!!!!

PLEASE SIGN THE PETITION in support of women who wish to VBAC at this hospital.  As I stated in my signature to the petition,

The evidence (scientific, that is) shows that low-risk women should always be encouraged to VBAC, and that when they receive support from loved ones and their care providers, the majority will go on to successfully birth vaginally.

Thank you for this consideration.  And thank you to ICAN of Houston for fighting this!


6 thoughts on “VBAC Ban in Houston of all places?

  1. While it doesn’t say that ICAN of Houston/Galveston IS behind it, we are. We didn’t have enough time to get approval for everything that we needed to do, so one of our subscribers took the initiative and did it! So please sign. Houston is a great place to be sick, but it is increasingly dangerous to give birth here….

  2. The people of Houston should be OUTRAGED!!! Texan women deserve the safest birth options for themselves
    And their babies. VBAC is
    safe, safer, and safest.

  3. RALLY TOMORROW: Friends, there will be a “Stand Up For Your Birthing Rights” Rally at West Houston Medical Center on Wednesday December 5th starting at 11:00 a.m.

    WHMC will no longer guarantee that an anesthesiologist will be immediately available at all times. This decision places women and their babies at risk by eliminating safe birthing options in our community.

    We would like for everyone to be dressed in black to symbolize the mourning of losing yet another safe option for women and babies. Signage will be provided.

    Come because it matters, choose to come because your presence will make a difference! Come because all women deserve the right to birth in safe, gentle, loving ways where the woman is in charge of her experience and her choices.
    Come because you’re sick and tired of hearing traumatic birth experiences from your friends, sisters, daughters, nieces, granddaughters, and your own experiences could have been so different.
    Come because you believe in VBAC! It is a safe option and most women do not know about it and you want to be an active part of educating the public.
    Come because you want to teach your children that to be heard and to exact change, we must speak up and stand up. Bring your babies!
    Come because it is only two hours of one day, of one week, of one year that will make a lasting impact on the women and babies of Houston and Katy.

    If you have any questions or concerns please email me or call me
    I am attaching a flyer that we would love for you to pass along in any way possible – email it, print it – get it in as many hands as possible.

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