Husband scores points

This morning we took breakfast materials over to our friends’ home.  Our daughter spent the night there since she was being babysat there while we adults were at a big Halloween party.  [I was a moulin rouge inspired burlesque girl; my husband was Richard Simmons (you’ve got to watch this video of RS on “Whose Line Is It Anyway”) and won best male costume.  Too bad my friend’s camera was stolen; I’d’ve loved to share some pictures with you!]

Anyway, Missoula birth reality came into the conversation, and I couldn’t hardly believe my ears.  MY HUSBAND WAS TALKIN’ THE TALK.  I think he’s starting to “get it” – why I am so worried about attempting a hospital VBAC here.  He recognizes how bad the “odds” are that I would have a successful VBAC in our hospital since they only had 16 successful VBACs there in 2006.  Like me, he is alarmed by the frequency of cesarean birth.  He is aware of the cost/time ratio for cesarean vs. natural (as in non-medicated non-invasive) vaginal birth.  

Does that mean he’s down with a homebirth VBAC?  I doubt he’ll ever be fully comfortable with it, but I think he knows that we’re on a journey to HBAC.  I’m so proud of him.  He’s starting to conquer his fear, and that adds to my confidence as well.


2 thoughts on “Husband scores points

  1. Way to go C!!!!! 🙂 It’s great to have someone that important to you on “your side”. I am so depressed there are no pics from this party!

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