Tag surfer

Just because I’m bored and have nothing particularly inspired to say and am procrastinating grading species counterpoint . . .

Have you WordPress users ever looked at your TAG SURFER?  I’ve weeded out a few of my tags, but it’s amazing what still shows up.  Like:

  • A really really long sermon about Joshua and stones . . . or something
  • A post about a daughter’s relationship with her mother
  • Something about the Patriots-Colts game (which I couldn’t care less about) and Vikings-Chargers
  • The Art of Divine Contentment by T. Watson
  • A list of new AfrAm books at a local library
  • A Long & Tragic Story (wow, I wonder how long that took to create!)
  • Things in languages that even I don’t recognize!

Time to let the dog back into the house . . .

And if you are as bored as I, please give some love to my blogroll!


One thought on “Tag surfer

  1. haha, hey! the whole story itself happened pretty quickly but it took me ages to upload the screenshots 🙂

    people has said that they wish their pregnancies were as easy as sims’ pregnancies. a wave of a hand, some groaning and clutching at the tummy, a spin, and you’ve got a baby right there in the living room.

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