Support Midwife-Assisted VBACs in Louisiana

I’m subscribed to GoogleAlerts which is a great tool for keeping up with timely news and posts regarding my “pet” issues.  My current search terms are VBAC, childbirth, and cesarean.  Today I was alerted to a LiveJournal post entitled: “Need your help ladies – about VBAC“.

The author states that a Louisiana midwife is under scrutiny for attending a homebirth VBAC.  The board is threatening to take away her license!  This is yet another example of the medical community not understanding and giving respect to the art of midwifery.  Midwifery is not about medicine; it is about women and babies.  Midwifery is not about obstetrics; it is about women and babies.  Direct-entry midwifery focuses on childbirth as a natural life process, not a medical “condition”, and is a great option for low-risk pregnant women.  (I imagine the case can also be made that midwifery is a good option for some high-risk pregnancies as well, but I’d be talking beyond my knowledge.)

Here is an excerpt from the birth_is_normal blog:

I know there are many women in here who have had or are interested in a home VBAC – so I’m hoping you will help me support an excellent midwife in Louisiana. Home birth and direct-entry midwives are legal there but they have to be licensed. Well, she attended a home VBAC and the board threatened to take her license away. Below is the information and a letter you can send to support her and to defend home birth in Louisiana. It looks like you’ll have to edit a bit for relevance if you want to send the letter and don’t live in Louisiana – but even knowing about this and passing along the information will help. Thanks!!

Please read the post and consider sending your own letter of support to the address provided there.  Women & children of Louisiana will surely appreciate the support. 

4 thoughts on “Support Midwife-Assisted VBACs in Louisiana

  1. Subscribing to GoogleAlerts is a great idea. I always end up spending hours googling topics to see if there are any new articles out there. Oh how technology has improved!

  2. Thanks for posting that here! If you wouldn’t mind passing it on to ICAN for me too, that would be great! I want to get as many letters sent as possible. Since my first birth was a c/s, the right to have a home VBAC is very important to me!

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