ICAN Member Drafts Petition in Response to VBAC Ban

Women with previous cesarean scars may not be allowed to have a vaginal birth at hospitals in Montana.  Vaginal birth after cesarean (VBAC) has been shown to be safe, and in most cases it is appropriate for a women who desires a VBAC to undergo a trial of labor. [1]

St. Peter’s Hospital in Helena is one hospital in the state that has put a VBAC ban in place.  This of course violates patients’ rights and human rights, as no one can be forced into unnecessary medical procedures and surgeries.  West Houston Medical Center tried to put a VBAC ban in place, but due to a large response to this petition as well as timely media coverage, the ban was reversed.  Rather, it seems as though hospital administrators back-pedaled their way to “allowing” VBACs. 

One ICAN member in Helena has created a petition to garner support for reversing the VBAC ban in Helena.  I urge you to support this petition even if you don’t feel this affects you directly.  Support this petition because women’s rights are being violated.  Babies’ rights are being violated.  Support this petition because no one should be forced to undergo major surgery.  Support this petition because you support a person’s right to choose what’s best for him/herself and his/her family.  Support this petition to send a message to other hospitals in Montana that don’t allow VBACs, who are thinking about banning VBACs, or who by practice discourage VBAC.  Montana’s state VBAC rate is about 1%, which demonstrates how difficult it can be to have a successful VBAC in a hospital setting.

Click here to find the petition and add your name in support.

Thank you for your consideration!

[1] See Landon et al, “Maternal and Perinatal Outcomes Associated with a Trial of Labor after Prior Cesarean Delivery,” NEJM (December 16, 2004).


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