Underreporting in 2007

Happy New Year!  I am hoping and praying that 2008 will be better for me.  I hope that 2008 is your best year ever!

Yesterday, I was notified about a really great post on NoWombPods – “Top 5 Most Underreported Birth Stories of 2007” – and when it appeared in my google alerts this morning, I remembered that I wanted to link to it here.

I wouldn’t myself call them underreported simply because they found their way into the mainstream press.  I am sure there are other iatrogenic catastrophes that were NOT reported at all.

What really annoys me about the CDC preliminary data release notice is that it embeds the 31.1% cesarean rate in a press release about teen pregnancy!  So while these stories may not totally qualify – in my definition – as underreported, per se, these stories and the ones that didn’t even receive media attention did not make the impact on the general population that they should have.

Then there’s this morsel (link goes to abstract) that appeared in my google alert this morning.  Postmortem cesarean?  Mother killed herself in labor??  Thank God the child is physically sound at age 4.  I wonder how he is doing emotionally?  Maybe he doesn’t know his birth story yet. 


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