Maternity Matters

“Maternity Matters” is the name of an initiative in the UK to increase funding for maternity services.  (source)

One way the extra funding will help women and babies in the UK is to:

Modernise options for the place of birth – this will ensure the NHS can offer women a choice of homebirth, birth in a midwifery facility or in a hospital based maternity unit.

Options for the place of birth??  Women having a choice of homebirth???  What is the world coming to! 

Critics of homebirth in America hold it to a standard that they are not willing to support.  You can’t criticize homebirth in America if you are completely unwilling to help improve it.  The fact of the matter is that women are choosing homebirth here in the US.  Another fact is that women will continue to choose homebirth, even if midwifery and homebirth became illegal.  It would still happen.  If care providers and maternal institutions see a problem with homebirth in America, they are obliged to help fix it.  The best way to ensure that homebirths will continue to take place safely in this country is to invest in homebirth as a viable option.


One thought on “Maternity Matters

  1. I’m going to forward this post to my friend who is having a hard time getting her husband on board to have a homebirth.
    I was looking for blogs related to homebirth and thats how I found you. I had an unnecessary cesarean in July of ’05 and then a CNM attended HBAC in March of ’07. What a healing experience our homebirth was!
    I love to share my birth stories so feel free to contact me if interested.

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