Netiquette anyone?

I’m not going to name names, partially because who cares and partially because I don’t feel obligated to give a ping to someone who has “ripped me off”, so to speak.

A fellow blogger e-mailed me to find out what my source was for a particular post.  I told her, and she put it up on her blog.  She credited my source and did not mention me.  And another blogger recently discussed the same issue on her blog and credited someone else as her source.  In my opinion this is rude, but, then again, it’s not their fault if I’m not as relevant to them as they are to me.  Sigh.

I really do try to give credit where credit is due.  Not only is it important to direct people to other sites that will likely interest and/or provoke them, it is important to link to other like-minded bloggers to support their efforts.  One effective way to do this is to embed links to important posts in the body of my posts.


4 thoughts on “Netiquette anyone?

  1. Aaaaa, like I said, it’s not really a big deal. More it’s just a reminder to myself and to other bloggers that courtesy applies . . . 😉

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