I don’t understand

I don’t understand why people who would kill or abuse children are able to get pregnant and maintain their pregnancies and so many wonderful people are infertile.  You hear stories of babies found dead in dumpsters or sexually abused or beaten or abandoned, and these stories hit me so hard these days.  It’s so unfair!!!

I saw something horrible on CNN this evening and found it again through digg.com.  A woman was caught on tape POWER WASHING HER 2 YEAR OLD CHILD at a car wash.  Thankfully the baby wasn’t physically damaged, but I can only imagine what this toddler has endured at home and how emotionally damaged the child is.  It just breaks my heart.


2 thoughts on “I don’t understand

  1. I agree. We work with abandoned babies in Empangeni, KZN, South Africa and when I look at them and then look at my own boys, I often think how much the mother is missing out on. What a privilege it is to have children! They are precious. I sometimes wonder in my rather cynical sense of humour whether parents should not get a liscence to be a parent before they have children – however having said that, I am not sure they would have allowed me to have children in that case.

    Life does seem so unfair. Though I trust that through these inbalances, balance can be restored by adoption – allowing parents the chance to have a precious child that they can call their own and a child the opportunity to have parents it may never have had. A perfect match.

  2. I’m right there with you, Kimberly. It’s insane.

    I hope they catch this woman. But what happens to that poor child, either way? How profoundly sad for her, and for the many, many other children who aren’t fortunate enough to have the loving parents that should be guaranteed them.

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