Norman Morris, OB & Advocate

I just read a fascinating story about Norman Morris, a professor and obstetrician in the UK.  He died last month so his career was chronicled briefly in the Telegraph.

Throughout his life Morris was guided by a deep humanism. He felt that the way in which women were traditionally treated by the health service was inhumane, and that the psychological stress involved often militated against the best possible outcomes and tended to increase demand for artificial pain relief.

If that doesn’t pique your interest . . .


One thought on “Norman Morris, OB & Advocate

  1. My father Norman was the most incredible doctor and as a family we will all miss him terribly. He had the most fantastic life because he both cared for and enjoyed his life and his work and his home life. He not only was a kind and humane doctor and teacher but he had human management skills that endeared him to so many people.
    I know how proud we are of him, but the passion and energy he had for us being doctors was immense. He was driven by this because he felt that medicine was the right thing to do.
    All of his children became doctors and we each champion in our own specialities his humane beliefs.

    Nick Morris Obstetrician

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