Tagging myself

I read a FriendFeed “friend’s” tagged post, and thought I might add some random details about myself:

  • I used to be a Republican, sort of – I worked for CNN during the 1992 RNC and interviewed for a job with Senator Phil Gramm whom I met through an assistantship I held with then Mayor (now Congresswoman) Kay Granger (whom I wrongly assumed was a Democrat)
  • I still like mac & cheese and hot dogs (and yes I know that hot dogs are made of lips, asses, and worse)
  • I pick the random wiry black hairs off of my blonde head; they grow back
  • I can sing lower pitches than some men
  • I carry around water and don’t drink it; I prefer coffee and alcoholic bevies
  • I’m a social mediaphile – I FriendFeed, I Plurk, I Tweet, I blog, I post, and e-mail is becoming much less relevant to my on-line experiences

Anyone else want to share their gory details??


2 thoughts on “Tagging myself

  1. Wow, just what is your vocal range, I am know curious to know? 😀 I know my voice is considered pretty low and I go down to the D below middle C, but I’m pretty sure that would be comfortable for most men. Though I really don’t know much about average vocal ranges…

    And mac and cheese with hot dogs is pure comfort.

  2. Actually D below middle C isn’t necessarily that easy for all men. I freak out my male colleagues and students because I can make a decent amount of noise down there at times. Heh heh. I’ve actually known tenors who didn’t have much below F3 and baritones who barely had C3! Heh heh!

    So glad you get the comfort of mac & cheese. Mmmmm, powdered fake cheese.

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