Hospital Waterbirth VBAC

I was catching up over at the True Face of Birth and was immediately drawn to a link about a successful hospital VBAC.  The story posted at Bellies and Babies is awesome and inspiring, and how wonderful to read the woman’s narrative and that of her doula!

I was tremendously impressed with the two obstetricians mentioned in the story.  The first OB ultimately told the woman that he wouldn’t allow her to VBAC.  (At 36 weeks this was BAD FORM.)  She found a provider who was supportive of her choice to have a vaginal birth, and it “sounds” like this OB really knew how to stay out of the way and let the mom do the work.  He also was educating his nurse about the whole process – how normal it is to be in water during the late stages of labor, how normal it can be to birth a baby in water, how normal it is to push at will (as opposed to pushing in 10 count blocks), how normal it is to birth the placenta when it is ready to release from the womb.  I am also impressed with the first OB – the one who told her “no.”  He evidently did some research after she left his practice and changed his mind about VBACs.  It takes guts and humility to be able to change your ways and be open to new practices (as if vaginal birth or even VBAC is a new practice).

Anyway, I hope you will enjoy reading these stories as much as I did.

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3 thoughts on “Hospital Waterbirth VBAC

  1. I just dropped by to view your blog for the first time. I saw your comment on Bellies and Babies blogsite. I like your blog very much. I am going to link yours to mine.
    I hope you get some resolution to the infertility issue. The progesterone defect is a particularly troublesome thing, but at least you can take progesterone. The fibroid is another matter. You just have to weigh the risks as you know them. But be reassured many many women have babies every day and they have fibroids.Only once in my career (11yrs as a CNM, and 5 yrs as an L&D nurse) where I watched a woman who had a fibroid grow so much the baby basically got pushed out at 21 wks. Yet so many women have come through my care that have gone on to have fine healthy term babies. So the odds are on your side that you should be ok.
    I have one CNM friend who tells patients in your situation to try 3 months of birth control pills and then stop and attempt pregnancy. I have to say I worked with this CNM 6 years and more times then not the patient would get pregnant. I can’t answer why, but I am just throwing that out there.
    Good luck.

  2. Hi Sharon. Thank you for the link and your thoughts. The RE I saw said that birth control pills are contraindicated for fibroid containment. Plus, the last time I was on BCPs, I was getting migraines with aura. Not good.

    Anything else you can suggest? Additionally, this RE would prescribe HCG shots, believing that the HGC will boost my natural progesterone production. I guess they’ve had good results with it.

    I’m wondering if I should start on some herbals too, like partridge berry?

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