“Black Market Birth” – Request for Your Stories

A friend of mine in ICAN is working on a very important project.  She will be making a presentation to the American Public Health Association (APHA) in October:  “VBAC Beyond Borders.”   One thing that she asked us to share is her need for stories regarding “Black Market Births.”  She writes:

Specifically, I am looking for birth stories of women who delivered in hospitals with VBAC “Bans” in place.   I am also very interested in stories of homebirth where VBAC itself was explicitly illegal.  At some point, I will be looking at HBAC in states where midwifery is unregulated or “alegal,”  but at this time am most interested in births where homebirth midwifery is regulated, but VBAC is outside the practice regulations or scope of practice.

Please send your stories and questions to ICANMidlandssc *at* gmail *dot* com.

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2 thoughts on ““Black Market Birth” – Request for Your Stories

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  2. I had a vbac homebirth. I am not sure that it is completely illegal here in Wa, but if anything were to happen, the midwives have to go to court and get fined heavily. They may even loose their license. We are underground to the point that if something were to happen and we had to go to a hospital, the midwife would drop off the scene and we (the parents) would take the slack. Praise God that this didn’t happen, but you can read my blogs at wordaslight.com I am 18 weeks pregnant and will have my second homebirth, regardless of the law. It was extremely difficult to find a midwife willing to deliver my baby at home because of the c-section. I will not give you her name, however.

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