Labor “Drama” Misrepresented

This idiotic take on labor is what “could have been avoided.”  Why is it that people don’t understand that labor isn’t something to be avoided except in extreme circumstances?  Many benefits for both mother and baby occur thanks to labor, the benefits of which are known and proven.

When asked about his girlfriend Camilla’s labor, Matthew McConaughey said: “I wouldn’t say she’s (Alves) suffering but she’s having to dig deep… She’s tired, she’s exhausted, she’s in pain.”  Camilla’s 40 hour labor ended in cesarean but doesn’t regret the process in which they were engaged, claiming that “it was a great journey for both of [them].”

Click here to read an insightful take on the media’s treatment of McConaughey’s “alternative” perspective on birth.

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7 thoughts on “Labor “Drama” Misrepresented

  1. When you have Oprah on tv talking about how she can’t understand why anyone would have a baby without an epidural (and she who has never had a child herself) then of course the media is also full of people who don’t remember how to connect with their own bodies. The American norm is also not to carry our babies, unlike most of the rest of the world. We carry them in carriers, not on our hips or backs like other cultures. I strongly feel this also leads to our kids not feeling as connected to us later in life. Oops, sorry…another soap box I get onto.

  2. Preach it, sistah! I agree that these practices tend to contribute to bonding issues. I wish more women knew how LONG that first cut would affect them AHEAD of time. Somehow, even though I went through wonderful CBE and planned on NO intervention, I missed the part where the cesarean permanently alters your reproductive future. 😦

  3. I couldn’t agree more with Sharon! The media totally influences people! I dread going to baby showers or baby anything nowadays because all anyone wants to talk about is OMG THE HORRORRRR OF BIRTH and everyone is constantly pressuring the poor pregnant girl into getting as many drugs as possible. Luckily, *most* of my family agrees with my decisions on natural childbirth.

  4. I was meeting with a doula client today & she said she feels like it’s culturally *expected* that women will tell other women the horrors – that *this* is the rite of passage…but we so often don’t tell our wonderful stories.
    In the new birth documentary Orgasmic Birth,
    cultural anthropologist Robbie Davis-Floyd says very eloquently just this – that we have come to a place where interventions & cesareans etc. are so common that we don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings by telling them our stories of joy & victory…but that we must change this – we must be sensitive but tell our stories anyway and start to change perceptions.

  5. Kim, I imagine the title of “Orgasmic Birth” might scare the straights, but I keep hearing wonderful things about it. And of course I love Davis-Floyd!

    Thanks for your comment!

  6. This is the reason I no longer follow any celebrity news. It’s too depressing. 🙂 I just figure I’ll do my best to make my mark on the small world surrounding me, and I think I’m doing that. My midwife calls me a “birth evangelist” – only half-jokingly!

    And…I have yet to see Orgasmic Birth – I have heard nothing but good things about it, and the title makes sense to me. Though I did not experience an orgasm (as I’ve heard some do), birth was the most ecstatic, painful, and amazing experiences I have ever had. Ever. That’s what I want other women to experience as well…

  7. Love your blog! I am trying to do some research on the benefits of labor on the mother and baby, even if things end in cesarean. Do you have any specific studies? I’m trying to show a doctor that even if a baby is presenting breech, and they are insisting on c/s, labor is still of some benefit, ecspecially if the labor is spontaneous. Thanks for anything you have!

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