RPL Update Number I Lose Count

I started writing up a big post about the more recent developments in my journey through recurrent pregnancy loss.  I still need to finish it up, but in the meantime, he’s a quick update:

  1. In August I had a hysteroscopic myomectomy done in Denver.  The idea was to hopefully remove a fibroid that was bulging into my uterus.  Instead of a fibroid, the surgeon found an adenomyoma located directly above my cesarean scar.  I have to review my records from my 1 successful pregnancy to determine whether or not the fibroid that was present during that pregnancy changed into this adenomyoma.  Otherwise, it is likely a lovely by-product of the 2004 cesarean section that was performed on me and my daughter.
  2. I have a substantial progesterone deficiency.  Progesterone levels should not drop below 8-10 in 2nd luteal phase draw, and mine dropped to 3.  I will have to have HCG shots during the luteal phase and progesterone shots during the first trimester to support the corpus luteum and developing baby.  It makes me INSANE that the last OB I asked to test my progesterone outright refused.  I lost that baby, obviously.
  3. I have to wait until November to have an ultrasound performed to let me know if my uterus and endometrium have repaired from the surgery.  Then we can talk about ttc.

That’s my nutshell.

6 thoughts on “RPL Update Number I Lose Count

  1. I’m glad to hear that you might finally be getting some answers, though I imagine t must be difficult not to feel bitter. I hope the healing goes quickly and that November’s ultrasound will be a great one. Hang in there…

  2. I am crossing my fingers all goes well. I don’t know why doctors often forget about progesterone deficiency. I have a cousin who after three SAB’s called me and I said, “Did they ever check your progesterone level?” Of course once they did check it that was the problem afterall. Such a simple thing to take care of too.
    As for the surgery…heal well and heal fast my friend. We miss you here in blog-land.

  3. While I’m glad you finally have answers, I am so sorry your OB was so callous when you asked about your progesterone levels. I hope that the steps taken so far will be the corrective measures needed.

  4. I can’t tell you how crazy that makes me, especially when you & I spoke so often about progesterone. I look at little D and wonder if she would be here if it were not for the 14 weeks of oral progesterone therapy I had. I also heard the comment that my placenta was healthier in my 2nd pregnancy, and that struck me as odd.

    My heart, prayers, and hope are with you. I’m glad you have been such a strong advocate for your own fertility & have been able to get some answers.

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