Tag: It’s Personal and Embarrassing

Julie at CoolMomGuide tagged me. Fun!! I’m supposed to share six things about me that no one from my blog community knows. Of course the things that are most personal and most embarrassing are perhaps too personal and embarrassing to share. But I’ll give it a stab . . .

  1. Well, to be quite honest it’s both extremely personal and somewhat humiliating that I’ve lost three babies. I miscarried 8/07, 10/07, and 2/08. That’s no secret on my blog, but perhaps the fact that I still feel humiliated is a surprise.
  2. On the lighter side, I freely admit that I don’t shower every day. I’m a working mom who hardly has time to throw on clothes before shoving myself and my toddler out the door in the mornings.
  3. On a related note, I can’t find a deodorant that works well for me. I have a strong sense of smell, so perhaps no one else (except my friend Emerald) would notice when I have not so fresh pits.
  4. I’m an opera singer who doesn’t much enjoy going to opera performances. I’d rather be on the stage. Isn’t that awful?!
  5. I’m some kind of an amazing procrastinator. It’s debilitating.ย  In fact, I’m two weeks past deadline on my editing duties.ย  I hate that!
  6. I shriek (which means that it’s very high and very very loud) when flying bugs get near me. I’m always sure that I’m gonna get stung.

I shall tag . . . umm . . . Sandra at Geriatric Mom, Sharon at Traveling Midwife, Enjoy Birth, Kim the Doula Momma, and Banana Peel.


11 thoughts on “Tag: It’s Personal and Embarrassing

  1. Oh, it made me want to cry that you feel humiliated that you had three miscarriages that were in no way possibly your fault! Makes me want to beat up your horrid OB who wouldn’t check your progesterone levels when you asked him to! Argh!

    Otoh, it’s cool to find out you’re an opera singer. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. I had a miscarriage just a few weeks before getting pregnant with my second. I know how you feel. Also, at least you have the excuse that you’re a working mom. I’m a SAHM with plenty of time to shower-I just choose not to! Ewww!!!

  3. Hugz to you… from a mom that shrieks at spiders, has gone thru 37 different types of deodorant, and has also lost a baby.

    I put off posting this ‘cuz I’m a procrastinator.

    And my cat thinks I can sing opera – in the shower.


  4. I only shower once or twice a week. I usually don’t get dressed either! We have one car and so I’m here at home with no way of going anywhere…why go through all the trouble of showering and dressing when I’m going to get puked, and drooled on all day anyways?

    I am terrified of bees and wasps…I too shriek when any flying thing comes near.

    Thanks for tagging me. I had fun! =)

  5. I haven’t been checking my blog reads very much lately due to my doctoral studies and working full time. Today I am trying to catch up and I was honored to see I have been tagged. So let me see what I can do….
    Thanks for thinking of me.
    FYI: love your blog. Maybe these embarassing things are awful for you to share, but we all have them so let us all salute our failings and celebrate our wonderful qualities. You are a wonderful blogger so please keep it up.

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