ICAN’s Response to a Recent Statement on the Cesarean Rate

The Coalition for Childbirth Autonomy (CCA) released a statement today questioning the World Health Organization’s recommended cesarean rate of 10 – 15%.  CCA suggests that a woman should be able to request a cesarean without medical indication.  While ICAN supports both updated research on this topic and an increase in patient education and autonomy, we maintain that many women who are choosing a cesarean are making that decision without full informed consent.

To read the rest of this statement, please click here.  Additionally, please share this important brief to others who have a vested interest in childbirth issues.  Really, that’s everyone you know . . . eh?

You can Digg it too.  Click here to increase awareness and support of maternal-fetal health concerns.

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3 thoughts on “ICAN’s Response to a Recent Statement on the Cesarean Rate

  1. I had an unwanted, unwelcome “emergency” c-section 27 months ago. I am due in two weeks with baby number two. We are looking forward to our VBAC.

    I had to sign a waiver (scare tactic required by the hospital’s lawyers) in order to have a VBAC. What’s scary is how some doctors so easily get women to agree to a repeat c-section without giving them true informed consent regarding the risks of such a surgery as if a c-section is a safe alternative to a VBAC. (Or in the case of a primary elective c-section, that this surgery is a safe alternative to a vaginal birth.)

  2. I agree . . . everyone including US . . . we need to step back and really think about and question what’s going on and what tactics are being used to fuel these battles. It’s so much he said she said. And being the skeptic that I am, I want to be absolutely sure that we are formulating our arguments based on tradition/experience (qualitative measures) and rigorous research (quantitative measures), not just what supports our argument more convincingly.

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