Awareness Effort: One Day for Human Rights

Please consider not only signing the petition, but also raising awareness about the petition and “One Day for Human Rights” through social media networks and blogging.

There has been a lot of buzz on Twitter about “One Day for Human Rights.”  Give @HumanRightsDay a follow to keep up on this important initiative.

For those of us who are natural childbirth advocates, this could be a great strategy for us to use.  A One Day for the Mother-Baby Dyad or something like that?  One Day for Natural Childbirth would be an obvious title, but the reason I like the Mother-Baby Dyad thing is because many people perceive natural childbirth advocacy as a selfish endeavor on the part of the mother.  No, rather it’s a health goal for the mother and baby as a duo, a pair in the critical postnatal period.  The mental, physical, and emotional health of one directly and indirectly affects the other.  This has been studied and observed in humans and other mammals.  If you’re interested to learn more about the mother-baby dyad, I highly recommend the Conscious Woman webinar, “What Would Mammals Do?” by Diane Wiessinger.

Anyway, this is something to chew on . . .

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