TTC Info Tidbit, Yeah Thanks

I chart my cycles over at Fertility Friend, and because I’m a nut . . . also at My Fertility Charts.  Actually, it’s not so much that I’m a nut . . . it’s more that I have to catch my LH surge, and since OPKs completely mystify me (how in the hell am I supposed to stay hydrated but reduce my liquids before I test for 2+ hours AND hold my pee for 4 hrs AND test at a consistent time, what a crock of shit).  So, I’m doing OPKs and tracking my cycle at two different sites.  Sigh.

Anyway, this “info tidbit” at Fertility Friend struck me funny:

Before ovulation and after menstruation, there is only a small amount of progesterone present in your body and your basal body temperatures (your resting temperatures) are in the lower range. Look for your temperatures to level out as you get further away from menses, indicating that your hormone levels have stopped fluctuating and are at a pre-ovulation level. This will normally occur within a few days of the end of your menses.

Temperatures level out?  Not in my world.  Normally within a few days of the end of menses?  Not so much.  Is this a bad sign?  Perhaps.  More on that later.


2 thoughts on “TTC Info Tidbit, Yeah Thanks

  1. Hi there- Thanks for your comment! That was very sweet of you. I hope you get your thermal shift tomorrow! It’s always so exciting! Which is really funny when you think about it… Fertility Friend has been helpful- it gives me something to do while I wait! The doctor wants to redo my progesterone test this cycle, so I’m hoping everything goes well hormone-wise. I totally agree with you about the OPK. They drive me crazy! There’s something upsetting about getting negative results day after day… Good Luck this month!!!!!

  2. There used to be this great site called and the girl who ran it was very thorough.

    The thing I learned about OPKs on her site was to test 2x a day (and around 1pm and 4pm were the best times I believe) because your LH surge can be completely missed otherwise.

    Also…Dollar store OPKs work just great for a measly $1.

    Ok…both of my kids are screaming…you can have them.

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