Natural Breech Birth Deserves Our Support!

A friend posted a link to the Coalition for Breech Birth on her gmail status. I’m so thankful to know about this resource now.  The following quote applies to all low-risk mothers (regardless of fetal presentation or previous cesarean):

“However, caesarean surgery, while it presents many advantages for the surgeon, has lifelong ramifications for the birthing woman and her family, including issues with subsequent pregnancies, secondary infertility, vbac availability, and depression, not to mention a risk of death in childbirth increased threefold over vaginal birth. Women should not be obliged to accept these serious risks as ‘standard of care’. . .”

Please have a look at this site which provides links to the original report that caused breech birth to fall off the natural birth map and the subsequent research that DISPROVED the report authored in 2000 that continues to govern obstetrics & midwifery access and practice to this day.


5 thoughts on “Natural Breech Birth Deserves Our Support!

  1. didn’t midwives “back in the day” used to turn the baby? I never understood the panic people use to talk about this today. From everything I have read in books and articles historically midwives used to turn the baby – not cut the mother open.

    • Today, OBs are trained surgeons, often not trained in natural techniques (unless they themselves seek out the classes and/or train themselves). OBs have their place, but women’s bodies and minds should not be manipulated simply because a Dr. is inexperienced in other methods besides cutting.

      • I agree that it can be hard to find care providers who will (or can) deal with breech presentation. I wish that wasn’t the case! My second cesarean was due to twin footling breechies. Baby A didn’t flip breech until 37 weeks! However, the cord was preventing her from being able to ‘correct’ her position, and I have been lead to believe that a vaginal birth COULD have gone badly for her. Regardless, I am still a firm believer in natural breech birth.

  2. A good friend in my birth world reminded me the other day that breech is a variation of normal. That was so refreshing to hear! Yes, OBs and midwives alike are unlearning this skill. In my community “they” say that it’s been YEARS since anyone delivered a breech baby vaginally. What a shame.

    Thanks for your comment, Sharon!

  3. i would like to share my birth and the film i made about it with the world:

    A BREECH IN THE SYSTEM. A woman wants to give birth to her breech baby in a hospital. They say she has to have a caesarean section. This is an inspiring documentary about her to attempt to birth naturally against all odds.

    Karin Ecker’s interest in social issues has brought her international credits for her filmmaking plus photographic art. From filming European children exploring environmental issues in the Bahamas to physically handicapped people scuba diving in the Egyptian Sea, she now brings her lens to the issue of childbirth choices in Australia.
    She intends to use this film as a tool to support the voice of ‘woman’.

    Prepare to be moved by this intelligent and poignant film about one woman’s birth journey with a breech pregnancy and breech birth. Experience the fear, anticipation, support and birth outcomes when you are clear about your boundaries and in touch with your inner voice in pregnancy. The role that care givers have in a woman’s birth is highlighted beautifully, ensuring this is must see film for all midwives, doulas and especially obstetricians.
    This production is excellent making the film a joy to watch. I can best describe this film as a vital and stunning contribution for all humankind allowing us all to witness with absolute clarity the entry to our world of one human soul in a unique way.

    Jannine Barron, Nature’s Child

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