April is Cesarean Awareness Month

For those of you who do not know, April is Cesarean Awareness Month. Did you know that our national cesarean rate continues to increase every year? Over 31% of births take place surgically via cesarean section. Consumer Reports has named cesarean surgery one of the top overused procedures in the United States. Even though the US tends to deal with pregnancy and childbirth from a medical perspective, our country’s maternal/fetal outcomes are among the WORST in the industrialized world. I hope you will take some time this month to learn about cesarean surgery, why women in your communities may not consider cesarean-born babies to have been birthed, why women are having more trouble post-cesarean with becoming or staying pregnant, why women may have less access to birthing options following a cesarean, and why women should be searching for less medically-interventive options for pregnancy and childbirth. Talk to people in your community about preventing unnecessary cesareans (keeping in mind that cesareans are appropriate for some emergent situations and in case of emergency), midwifery care (nurse-midwifery and professional midwifery), birth venue choices, and how to help someone recover from a cesarean. For more information on Cesarean Awareness Month, visit http://www.ican-online.org and also search for a local chapter. Together we can make a difference, one birth at a time.


5 thoughts on “April is Cesarean Awareness Month

  1. I’m a US citizen but a current resident of Australia. The stats here are just as bad for c/s and VBAC in hospital. We’re currently planning a HBAC and thank the stars that for now it’s still a a legal option. There’s a lot of resistance from the System to implement evidence based medicine in both countries, which I want to see changed before my grandkids are on the way. I guess that they weren’t happy with just abusing the elderly and the minorities, and women and children are just the next logical culling pool.

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  3. I just recently attended a birth at St. Lukes/Roosevelt in NYC. The birth could definitely have gone to a c-section, but the doctor really wanted to avoid that. I was so impressed that he opted for a skillful vacuum extraction instead of jumping to a cesarean.

    I later learned that St. Luke’s is putting a tremendous amount of pressure on their doctors to lower the c-section rate. Finally- it feels like things might be changing.

  4. VBACwarrier, we’re doing just fine. Thanks for asking. I see that you’re plugging along as well. I’m about 10 weeks behind you… though I feel like I won’t make it to term. I’ll probably be around more after next week when I’m done teaching for the year!

    Deb, that’s fantastic news. Thanks for sharing it!

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