Let’s Find Some Power Birthy Music!

Right now I’m searching for music – music to listen to while I’m gestating away and music to listen to in the hospital.  I’m sure I’ll need to drown out a lot of stuff there.

Anyway, one of the first hits searching for childbirth playlist on google is an article about creating your own playlist

Lua Hancock, 31, of Davie, Fla., was in the midst of having an emergency C-section with her first child when she decided to focus on the music coming from the anesthesiologist’s radio to calm her nerves.

The song playing?

“The First Cut is the Deepest” by Sheryl Crow.

Oh my.

Other recommendations?


6 thoughts on “Let’s Find Some Power Birthy Music!

  1. I’ve just burst into uncontrollable giggles.

    I listened to lots of music (long labour, plenty of time and nothing better to do) as well as hypnobirthing scripts. The latter got on my nerves eventually, but I really went along with Aimee Mann and Duke Special. I never got tired of their music. And I sang which did help with the pain, even if it may have given pain to everyone else present 😉

  2. When I had my first labor I thought classical Indian was my calming thing. Onward to c-section and for some reason (the drugs I am sure) I started singing all the songs with some other language in it. Feliz Navidad, Volare’ etc. With my second labor (HBAC) I realized that I do better without music except whatever I sing to myself.

  3. Hi! I just found your blog and thought I’d comment on this. I got several CDs for my first VBAC and ended up only wanting to listen to one CD over and over again. Its called “Relaxation for Women” and I got it from Target….its part of those Lifescapes CDs…..over by the candles, KWIM? Anyway, I just loved how soothing it was and several nurses came in and commented on how serene the mood was in the room. My labor was 21 hours (not all at the hospital, but a large portion was) and I never got tired of it. My mom and husband kept asking if I wanted a different CD and I never did. Funny enough, I use the CD to help my little one (and me too btw) fall asleep…works wonders!

  4. My sweet #3 was actually born to Radiohead’s “Fake Plastic Trees”… But the song I loved to labor to the most was Jem’s cover of Coldplay’s “Yellow”. Yay the Twin VBAC!! I say find the songs you LOVE (no matter if they aren’t what folks would consider relaxing… Select Pearl Jam tunes got me through transition with my second!)
    Go get ’em mama.
    Xx L

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