Whoa! This pelvic pain sucks!!

I’m 34 weeks pregnant, so these girls need to stay put for at least another couple of weeks.  But I’m in so much pain.  My entire pelvis feels WRONG.  I know part of it is pubis symphysis pain, but then there’s this other pain that started about a week ago.

female_pelvis1Ok, what is this pain?!?!  Not only do I hurt in the front (pubis symphysis) but also in my groin on both sides.  The worst thing, besides moving in general, is to sit on something that’s hard.  It’s like I rode a century on my road bike in one day without training.

It it the psoas?  Is it the sacro-iliac joint?  Here’s a link to some possible conditions.  Ice… heat… ice… heat… can’t lie down… can’t sit up… can’t walk.  (Can’t is an over-statement.  I’m still mobile, but it hurts like hell.)

Here’s a great resource for women suffering from pubic pain:

17 thoughts on “Whoa! This pelvic pain sucks!!

  1. When I was pregnant, I also had very bad pains, of the sharp kind. I found sitting on an exercise ball, with pelvis tilted backward, was pain free. In fact, the slight movement on the ball seemed to sooze it, so I’d spend hours sitting on it, leaning onto a desk. Not particularly exciting, but pain free, yay.

  2. when i was pregnant, the groin pain started at 3 months (doc said it was “normal” – now i doubt that statement). at 7 months or so, walking up and down 3 flights of stairs would almost cripple me from pain. couldn’t lie down, couldn’t walk, couldn’t sit – couldn’t do anything comfortably.

    massages made it worse too. i once came out of a massage and could barely move.

    in my postpartum days, my OB said it was (still) normal. (HA!) i had another MD tell me to take tylenol. WHA?! finally, knowing that it was still not normal, i sought out yet another doc who finally referred me for physical therapy. that worked for a bit. then i had a relapse and started going for osteopathic manipulations with a bit of craniosacral therapy mixed in.

    almost FIVE years later, my pelvis still slips out of position. the good news is that the manipulations are easier. i don’t so often hear (from my provider), “well, i don’t usually do this manoeuver, but we’ll try it….”

    i feel your pain….

  3. I too am 34 weeks (okay, 33w5d) and am dealing with the same issue (but to a MUCH lesser extent). Looking forward to seeing what others have to say!! Good luck! I’ve been following your blog and have been very impressed. 🙂

  4. I had it really bad in late pregnancy with my first. My second was alleviated with pilates and chiropractic work. You may not want to start pilates in late pregnancy but go to a chiropractor!

  5. You are a rock star, i can’t even imagine how you feel!
    Hang in there, you are amazing and it will be worth it when your lovely girls are here!

  6. Thanks everyone! I’m doing what I can to alleviate some of the pain, but I do think I’m just stuck with it for the duration. Thanks for sharing your thoughts, resources, and support!

  7. Kimberly,
    please consider finding someone who specializes in pregnancy and pelvic pain– we’ve seen folks get relief from (in no particular order): chiropractic adjustments, osteopathic manipulations, cranial-sacral adjustments, and physical therapy treatments. the key is asking if they have training in pregnancy and treating pelvic pain. You could have separation at the joint that joins the pubic bones or parts of the pelvis could be out of alignment with each other.
    this can be utterly miserable and can affect the birth– so I really hope you can find someone to help you. It is probably very likely that you can get relief!

  8. I reinforce Georg’ann’s comments. Also take time to learn about good positioning during labor. I also point you to this document, intended for caregivers: http://www.padge.eclipse.co.uk/spd.doc

    Lying on your back during labor will exacerbate the problem. If at all possible, try to labor squatting or on all fours. You will need to advocate hard that this is the best position.

    In your postpartum days, you may find some comfort with use of a trochanter belt. I had to get a prescription for one because you don’t want one of the cheap ones from the internet. It made a huge difference.

  9. Hey, i just came across this post, and wanted to share what I learned. I had the typical discomfort and pain with my third pregnancy, but nothing too bad. I birthed my 9#6oz girl standing up in my living room— it was amazing, I felt amazing. 24hours later I developed severe pain and swelling, diagnosed myself (after much research on the internet) with Pubic Symphasis Disorder and Acute Tendonitis (my inside thighs). I literally could not move without pain, I shuffled backwards to the bathroom. I had a friend over who is a fellow massage therapist and perform POLARITY THERAPY, an energy based work, and some trigger point therapy and after a couple sessions was good as new. It was incredible.

  10. uh yes i am pregnant with my 3rd child an i been having pains all over i have pains an pressure in my pelivc area an my lower back my stomach i feel like crap with this one i didnt have it with my other two, my hubby has to help me when i cant move, i cant even get out of bed sometimes it takes around about 5 minutes to move an get going an when i layed on my side for a long period i hurt, wats wrong with is it about time for that speical day or wat.

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