Can’t say anthing nice

I have been a quiet blogger as of late . . .

I’m what?  19 weeks pregnant at this point?  I’ve lost track.

But I just can’t really say anything nice right now.  Everything I want to blog about right now is some sort of tirade.  In fact, I thought about authoring a post with the title, “Eff Off, I’m Gestating In Peace, Dammit!”

Can someone explain this to me?  Maybe I’m having a boy?  Or perhaps I’m just reacting to the insane interpersonal stress I’m experiencing at work – I don’t deal well with abuse.  Or maybe it’s the bizarre dreams I’ve been having lately – two of them have involved losing my baby.

Anyway, lots of feelings . . . and most of what I can share is stupid, inane, or negative.  So, I’ll shove a sock in it.

Off to find my happy pants! 😀


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