What I Gained from My (Cesarean) Birth Experiences

Today’s CAM task: Number a sheet of paper from 1-10. Now write ten things you have gained from your cesarean (or birth experience). If you can’t get to ten, it’s ok. Start with one… via ICAN

I have learned so much . . . and so little from my birth experiences that I can hardly decide what to list.  Here’s what is coming to my prego brain at this moment!

  1. We can’t take our childbearing years for granted
  2. We must participate in our health care decisions – this is hard for a lot of women to do when we’re pregnant and/or laboring in a hospital with stringent guidelines!
  3. That first cesarean changed my childbearing years in a profound way . . . profound ain’t always good
  4. I gained knowledge about my body
  5. I gained knowledge about our health care system, particularly the inadequacies of maternal/fetal care (treatment)
  6. My pregnancy losses (partially due to adenomyosis which was caused by the 1st cesarean) taught me a lot about the brokenness, resentment, trauma, depression, and heartache women can experience when they have cesareans
  7. I’ve learned a different way of interacting with my health (not that I am particularly good about practicing what I preach)
  8. I’ve gained a whole international network of friends (ICAN & BAC) – I can call these women, text them, Facebook them (ah, FB as a verb), IM them, and sometimes even meet them face to face.  I’m sure one of them would travel to support me through this birth if I needed.  <sniff!>
  9. I’ve gained the knowledge and courage to help other women in labor, and I can’t wait to learn more about being a doula!
  10. That most babies should be born normally, and that homebirth can be a great choice for families!  When I was pregnant with DD1, I was vaguely familiar with homebirth, but that was way too “granola” for me.  My hope is that women (and their friends and families) will at least research this childbirth choice and decide (based on more than a preconceived notion) if it’s right for them. 

One thought on “What I Gained from My (Cesarean) Birth Experiences

  1. Wow, I love this list, especially #8. I have gained so many friends as well.

    I am so glad to have stumbled on your blog–I think I have seen you on the main ICAN Yahoo Group and I am also on Mothering (lawmama1984) 🙂 Wishing you the best on your next birth…I will be going for the same thing as you are ❤

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