A Different Pregnancy

A Different Pregnancy
written 12/28/08

As I was about to update my Trial of Pregnancy page to upload a new ticker and share what’s been happening, I had second thoughts. The last three pregnancies were unsuccessful. I needed help and wasn’t getting the kind of help I needed from my medical provider. Shortly after my last loss I recognized that I just couldn’t do this on my own . . . at least not right now. I had bloodwork done, had a hysterosalpinogram, and eventually saw a specialist in Denver.

This summer the RE in Denver found a fibroid mass that he thought was contributing to my recurrent losses. He wanted to do a laparoscopic myomectomy, but I requested the less invasive hysteroscopic investigation and hopefully a myomectomy. He also determined that my luteal progesterone is insufficient for maintaining a pregnancy. Surgery showed that instead of a regular fibroid, that I had a mass of adenomyosis directly above (and likely caused by) my cesarean scar. (Yet another reason to avoid the knife – the need for additional surgeries to correct all sorts of problems.)

We were cleared for TTC in October, and I got pregnant during my second cycle.  I supplemented my luteal phase with HCG injections and am now supplementing with weekly 17-hydroxy progesterone injections.  I’m impressed and somewhat surprised that my DH was actually able to stab me in the ass with the needle without passing out.  Way to go honey!


12/28 – I felt gawd awful the day after my progesterone shot… so gassy, bloated, and uncomfortable.  Not that I’m really complaining!  My boobs became pretty sore, but that has since subsided a bit.  I’m losing a bit of confidence just because I’m not feeling horrific.  However, I’m incredibly tired, and today I’m pretty crabby, I’d venture to say.  Of course it’ll be better once some of the family clears out of here tomorrow.  We had 12 people staying here!

I’m scheduled for an ultrasound on 12/31 to look for twins or a molar pregnancy.  I’m praying that everything is ok.  Twins would be quite complicated, but what a blessing it’d be as well.  Anyway, my hormones on 12/19 (15DPO) were 367 and 51.  My hormone levels on 12/24 were over 6100 and 53.  Not only did my HCG way exceed the 48-72 hour doubling rate, but also I’ve been reading that progesterone levels don’t usually reach 50 until the second trimester!

I’ve also had crazy dreams about the aurora borealis, shooting sparkling stars, and two about suicide (not me killing myself).  My husband had two dreams about twins before we found out that twins were a possibility.

5/6/10 – major fast forward.  I was indeed pregnant with twins and had them on August 21.  Unfortunately they presented double footling breech (B turned breech at 33 weeks; A turned breech at 37 weeks, the little bugger) and a cesarean was necessary.  My babies are wonderful, and I am thrilled to be the mom of twin infant girls.  Life is certainly crazy but good.  Thank you all for your good wishes.  I hope my stories give some families hope and comfort.

4 thoughts on “A Different Pregnancy

  1. You wandered over to one of my blogs (coolwoolbaby.blogspot.com) a few months ago and commented about “The Business of Being Born.” SInce then I have popped into your Trial of Labor page intermittantly because I thought you wrote with a lot of candor and courage about your highs and lows with TTC. So after reading there quite unexpectedly that you are pregnant, a comment led me here. I want you to know that a random stranger – but one who has also experienced pregnancy loss – is thinking of you and wishing you the very best with this. Congratulations!

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