It’s a New Year Rife with Cesarean Birth!

I don’t understand why hospital birth pushers (as in ALL women should have their babies “delivered” at hospitals) generally don’t understand or respect natural birth advocates’ (unhindered/non-interventive birth regardless of location) concerns over the growing number of complicated births and cesareans performed in this country! 

Look at these media google alerts from today!

‘A’ first baby in Capital Region
Albany Times Union – Albany,NY,USA
The doctor performed a cesarean section. Kin filled the waiting room. Avery is their first baby, but they hope to have more children who will also have …

Twins, baby girl are first births of 2008 for Las Cruces area
Las Cruces Sun-News – Las Cruces,NM,USA
She was delivered via Cesarean section. Quintana said the child is her second, but the birth was more difficult than her first because of Brenda’s large …

Region’s first 2008 baby born in Saratoga Springs
Albany Times Union – Albany,NY,USA
The doctor performed a cesarean section. As Avery arrived in the world, family members filled the waiting room. Avery is their first baby, but they hope to …

Boy, did he arrive early!
The Standard – Hong Kong
The 3.46kg boy, who still hasnt been named, arrived at the stroke of midnight by cesarean section. His mother Chan Ha-ling, 32, had suffered from labor …

Savannah’s New Year’s Baby Born at 4:40am
WTOC – Savannah,GA,USA
Dr. Gregory Whitaker got the page and said he was glad to help out in the Cesarean birth. “First baby I delivered in 1977,” he told us. …

[Not a cesarean birth!]
New Year’s baby born at Overlake
Seattle Times – United States
By Seattle Times staff Puget Sound’s first baby of the New Year was born at Overlake Hospital Childbirth Center in Bellevue, a hospital official said. …

One in six reported first births of the year was NOT a cesarean.  Can someone explain this to me?!?!?!!!  I don’t want to speculate here though plenty of thoughts are going through my head, I must admit.

If only more people were aware of the serious implications and complications of cesarean birth.  I am not talking about emergency cesarean or even emergent cesarean . . . sometimes babies have to be born this way.  But I know from my research and interactions with birth professionals that cesarean surgery is way over-used.  That augmentation is way over-used.  That induction is way over-used.  That many women are not allowed to gestate to term (term being 38-42 weeks, generally).  That women with cesarean scars are finding it incredibly difficult to have vaginal births.  That women who desire to VBAC are being told “no” without good justification, and that these women accept that response.  That women are socialized to fear childbirth, to fear their bodies, to fear their power.

Thanks to the International Cesearean Awareness Network (ICAN), I have learned differently.  I hope someone will read this post and find their needs attended to through this organization.

I will continue scouring the internet for more “first birth” information.