Cesarean Awareness Alerts

I just received my weekly “cesarean awareness” google alert.  I find it interesting what is included and what isn’t.  I blogged about Cesarean Awareness Month posts I found and found additional ones here.  Some of these are not mentioned in the alert copied here below.  Also, I find it interesting that my posts didn’t show up in the blog alert but did in the web alert.  HuH!

April is Cesarean Awareness Month
By timothydeanmills.com(timothydeanmills.com)
In the United States in 2006, 31.1% of babies were born by cesarean section–a 50% increase since 1996. In Georgia, that number was 31.3%. The World Health Organization recommends a maximum c-section rate of 10-15%.  Tim’s weblog – http://timothydeanmills.blogspot.com/

International Cesarean Awareness Month
By Kathy
April is International Cesarean Awareness Month. Please check out my C-section posts by clicking on that category. In addition, here are some other C-section related links. The International Cesarean Awareness Network Pushed Birth …
Woman to Woman Childbirth Education – http://womantowomancbe.wordpress.com

Cesarean Awareness Month!
By doula_char(doula_char)
April is Cesarean Awareness Month What is Cesarean Awareness Month? An internationally recognized month of awareness about the impact of cesarean sections on mothers, babies, and families worldwide. It’s about educating yourself to the …
whatzadoulado – http://whatzadoulado.blogspot.com/

April is Cesarean Awareness Month
… and let them guide you and help you, is it up to you to ask the right questions, is it up to you to make sure you get the right answers… Here is the website to learn more about ICAN, and Cesarean-Awareness-Month …
Boriquita’s WebSite – http://boriquita.multiply.com/

April is Cesarean Awareness Month
By Boriquita(Boriquita)
I wish I knew half of what I know now for my first birth. I guess I can use this information now for this birth and any other experience in the future… I have learned that I must take responsibility for my learning, not one person in …
Boriquita Comments – http://boriquita99.blogspot.com/

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National Cesarean Awareness Month – Topix
April is National Cesarean Awareness Month! Over 50% of the C-Sections taking place in this country TODAY are deemed unnecessary by the World Health …

International Cesarean Awareness Month — Blogs, Pictures, and more …
James KG wrote 2 days ago : Cesarean Awareness Month (CAM) is an internationally recognized awareness month which sheds light on the impact of cesarean …

April is Cesarean Awareness Month – Associated Content
Check out April is Cesarean Awareness Month – Submitted by WD at Associated Content.

KentuckianaMoms :: View topic – April is Cesarean awareness month
April is Cesarean Awareness Month! 1 in 3 Louisville women gives birth surgically, and the number is rising every year. Join us Monday, April 7 to learn …

Cesarean Awareness Month — Blogs, Pictures, and more on WordPress
James KG wrote 2 days ago : Cesarean Awareness Month (CAM) is an internationally recognized awareness month which sheds light on the impact of cesarean …

I wish I understood how all of this web aggregator stuff worked . . .


Sharing Cesarean Awareness

I found this on ICAN’s eNews (www.ican-online.org/community/eNews/) and want to share it with those who maybe aren’t (yet) subscribers!

Cesareans Affect Lives. Real women, real babies. Lives changed.

How has your cesarean impacted you? Come to www.ican-online.org and blog about your experiences in 100 words or less, tell us your story.

Cesarean Awareness:
is not only about the “bad” cesarean and recovery
is not about guilt for not succeeding at VBAC
is not about not attempting VBAC
is a state of being, whatever that may be for you or me – hope, fear, acceptance, sadness, depression, thankfulness
is about doing the research to understand the reality of the risks taken on every time another mother has another surgery

ICAN is about all birthing women having access to that information.  Cesarean Awareness Month is about encouraging the spread of that information.  We want to encourage you to find a way to spread the awareness in your community. Wear your ribbon. Write on your car. Buy brochures to drop off in the library. Put up a poster at your work. This is about open communication about the health of our women, babies and families.

April: Cesarean Awareness Month

Cesarean Awareness Month (CAM) is an internationally recognized awareness month which sheds light on the impact of cesarean surgery on mothers, babies, and families worldwide.  Cesarean birth is major abdominal surgery for women with serious health risks to weigh for both moms and babies.  Cesareans may be safer now than they ever have been, but this surgery is being conducted more frequently than is prudent or safe.  The acceptable rate established by the World Health Organization (WHO) is 10-15% – what is your community’s cesarean rate?

The blogosphere is atwitter about Cesarean Awareness Month.  Here are some posts I found today that deal directly with CAM:

  • Instinctual Birth’s post
  • No Womb Pod’s post
  • Strain Station’s post
  • Cesarean Awareness’s post
  • CT Birth Experience’s post
  • She Got Hips’s post
  • CT Doula’s post

If you have blogged about Cesarean Awareness Month and don’t appear on my list, please leave a comment so we can read your post.

To learn more about cesarean awareness, support, and education, visit the Internation Cesarean Awareness Network (ICAN) website and/or look for a chapter in your area.  Another great resource to consult when weighing the benefits and risks of intervention in chilbirth is Childbirth Connection.  Also, I recommend looking at and considering the Mother-Friendly Childbirth Initiative.

How do you plan to honor Cesarean Awareness Month?  How can you let people know that natural birth is an important issue for you and for them?  I promise that there is some way, no matter how small it may seem, that you can have a positive impact on your birth community.  Even wearing a cesarean awareness ribbon several days this month will help.  If you need ideas, feel free to ask.