“Childish” Wisdom

The other day I was alone with my daughter and marveled over how “perfect” she is.  “I am so lucky to have you!” I proclaimed.  She replied, “but not lucky about our baby?”  I was shell-shocked.  How did she know to connect my thankfulness for having her with my regret in losing her siblings?  “Mommy, did our baby die in your tummy?”

Today I was telling her that we were about to go to her great grandfather’s funeral.  “Honey, our Dad-dad is in Heaven with God.  Dad-dad died.”  A few minutes later she asked, “Mommy, are you going to die?”  “Not for a long long time, sweetheart.”  And I kissed her forehead.  That seemed to satisfy her for the moment.

The wisdom of a three year old is awesome.