Cesarean Birth Plan

Scheduled cesarean birth has been one topic that has surfaced in many different ways on the ICAN list.  It is important to acknowledge and support our Sisters who will – for one reason or another – decide to schedule a repeat cesarean, so I decided to dig around on the internet.  I conducted a simple google search [cesarean “birth plan”] and immediately was directed to some interesting resources.


Most expectant mothers assume that having a Caesarean Section means that a birth plan isn´t necessary. However, creating a birth plan can ensure that the mother experiences the birth that she wants! Here are some things to consider for a planned Caesarean birth plan:

Would you like for your partner to cut the cord?

Would you like to have a free hand to touch the baby?

Would you like to watch the birth?

Who do you want present in the OR?

Would you like any sedatives or medications before the operation begins?

Would you prefer an Epidural or a Spinal?

How soon would you want to begin breastfeeding?

Do you want the hospital to bathe your baby immediately or would you rather do it later?

Furthermore, this site suggests that women who plan to schedule a cesarean should meet with the careproviders who will likely be involved – including an anesthesiologist.  I second that recommendation especially if you have strong feelings about how you would be medicated during the surgery.

ICAN White Papers:

The ICAN White Papers are continually being reviewed and revised so that they can present the most accurate and current information.  So know that the content and links are subject to change.  Here’s the link to the Family Centered Cesarean information.


This contains a good list of ideas for having a positive cesarean birth experience.  Included are many things I wouldn’t have otherwise thought of such as “[y]ou can ask for the lights to be dimmed for a couple of minutes at the moment of birth. Babies are born with their eyes open so if the lights are dimmed and there is silence, yours can be the first face that comes into view and yours the first voice your baby hears.”

A blogger’s cesarean birth plan:

You might look at this or other similar blog posts for ideas on how to frame your birth plan.

Other Resources

Updated: 10/23/08