Natural Childbirth Advocacy and Social Media

Thanks to Twitter and @PressReleasePR, I came across a wonderful brief post about engaging your audience through social media.  Author Lucio Ribeiro suggests:

1) Research your audience with Surveys, Analytics and Search Tools.

2) Find your audience – or “Fish Where the Fish Are

3) Let your customer know you’re there, answering questions, giving feedback and slowly building your authority

4) Reach out to them in a voice and channel in which they are holding the conversation

5) Understand that you don’t’ have more full control over your reputation, but you do have control over what you’ll be building, so be transparent!

dullhunk (flickr)

Atribution: dullhunk (flickr)

I’d like to ask a couple of questions related to points 2 & 4.  Where are the people who are interested in natural childbirth?  Especially, where are the women who are at risk of uninformed acceptance of evidence-lacking medicalized childbirth, an experience that may come back to haunt mother and child immediately and long term?

Where are childbirth advocates and moms conversing?  Is it in person, over the phone, on Facebook, on Twitter, on forums – where?  Wherever the bulk of that interaction may be – we need to be there too.  And how do we draw more “low tech” mamas to the internet – to Facebook and Twitter and blogs and on-line forums?

I look forward to reading your thoughts.