sometimes doctors ARE idiots

You find something new on the internet every day, if you want.  I was browsing my google alerts and came across this sadly funny satire called “Why Doctors are Idiots” by natural health author, Mike Adams.

His “expose” of sorts on medical disasters in the 2000s includes:

Too posh to push? Don’t worry, your obstetrician will schedule a C-section childbirth appointment and deliver the baby on YOUR schedule instead of Mother Nature’s. It’s more convenient for him, too, because then he can still make his golf game. Don’t worry about the baby: There’s no benefit to vaginal childbirth anyway, right? What better way to welcome your child to the world than with a scalpel! Result: Millions of women subject their children to non-natural child birthing that results in an increased risk of lung disease afflictions as well as psychological birthing trauma lasting a lifetime.

The “posh” argument is overplayed though the alliteration is effective for media sound bites.  Convenience of interventive birth is a problem as is the fact that schedules, politics, malpractice insurance, insurance companies, ACOG, and a lack of true informed consent have lead many women and babies into bad (or at the very least, less good) outcomes.

Part of his “quick note” below states:

Conventional medicine, for the most part, does not want to learn anything new that might challenge its existing status quo dominance over the lives of parents and children. “Innovation is the enemy of the status quo,” and genuine health enhancement (and disease prevention) is the enemy of the entrenched medical industrial complex. Most doctors are complete idiots because they follow a dogmatic, religious-like belief in blatantly outdated junk medical science, even when real world observations and evidence demands the embracing of ideas that overthrow previously protected beliefs and career egos.

Until doctors can abandon their egos and admit they don’t know everything, they will continue to be full of crap.

The purpose behind this satire piece is not to engage in silly name-calling exercises, but rather to play an important role in social commentary on the huge failures of modern medicine today. Satire and humor have important functions in any free society: They reveal what’s wrong in a hilarious light, simultaneously entertaining us while encouraging us to challenge our own ideas and, perhaps, come up with new, better solutions for future generations. Political cartoons, stand-up comedians and satire pieces like this one all play a role in getting people to think more carefully about the issues at hand.

This problem of maintaining the status quo is a symptom of a patriarchal institution refusing to recognize its role in health maintenance and improvement.  Doctors and insurance companies have no business infringing their priorities over our bodies.  Doctors are going to have to accept (like everyone else) that they are working in a consumerist society.  The patient (client, customer) is always right.  The patient has the right to question recommendations and ask for second opinions.  The same rules that apply to someone who is being counseled to undergo back surgery apply to a woman who is being told to have a cesarean delivery.

I could ramble on about this, but instead, why don’t you head over and read this article and browse the other pieces at NewsTarget.