Magazines and Such

I came across this post about magazines via Twitter and thought I’d talk about the magazines I like to read.

If I could, I’d subscribe to Mothering Magazine. There are always great articles, and I find it quite inspiring. Then again pregnancy magazines are kind of a bummer right now. I also came across something called Kiwi Magazine and found it incredibly relevant. I wonder why it’s not a more mainstream offering.

I like Health Magazine and More. I always read them cover to cover at my mother-in-law’s house. She sent me a subscription of More this year, which I make fun of her for since I’m not 40 yet. I’m an issue or so behind – perhaps that’s because I’m not feeling particularly attractive or stylish, so it’s not fun to look at 60-yr-old women who are more attractive and healthy than I am. LoL! I also love to read Yoga Journal. I usually buy it in the grocery store but should really ask for a subscription for Christmas or something. Of course, I’m really just a yoga wannabe. It’s not like I really “need” this mag.

I wish I had a subscription to the Magnificat so I could possibly stay up to date on the readings. I should try and buy the December issue so that we can read it during dinner in celebration of Advent.

I always think about buying In Style, Family Circle, Women’s Day, Living, etc. from time to time.

And then there is an assortment of education newsletters and journals that I browse regularly.

Otherwise, I’m reading Jon Cohen’s Coming to Term as well as Living Buddha, Living Christ, a profound book by Thich Nhat Hanh. And of course, during this phase of my life I have Taking Charge of Your Fertility nearby at all times. Ha!