Will I Miscarry?

I’m so confused!

Today we had a follow-up with the OB (not my regular CP). She said we didn’t have enough info to rule out viable pregnancy though definitely things don’t look good. She did an exam and found the cervix normal and closed. Phew! Some dark blood. She recommended another ultrasound next week. She said we could do repeat hcg test today too but that regarless she’d want the ultrasound done.

I elected to repeat the hcg test.  If my hormone levels are dropping, I want to know.  I don’t want to wait until next week to see an empty yolk sac.

So, I just got a call from her nurse . . . in LESS than 48 hours my hcg has gone from just over 11,000 to over 19,000.  Of course I started bawling.  WHAT DOES THIS MEAN? I’m so confused. Is it possibly that my body still thinks it’s pregnant even if there’s no fetus. Is it normal to have increasing hcg with a blighted ovum?

Well, actually a follow-up call with the OB’s nurse answered that question.  I guess hcg levels can increase with a blighted ovum . . .

My God, I can hardly believe it’s possible that my pregnancy will continue.