Threatened Miscarriage Update

I don’t have anything new to report, really.  Active bleeding has subsided.  I *think* my cervix is closed, but I’m not very experienced with self cervix checks, so perhaps I’m wrong.  The fact that my cervix was closed Sunday night during active bleeding and Tuesday morning before extreme bleeding and probably is closed today is a good sign, I hope.  Well, that’s all in how you look at it:

SCENARIO ONE – Miscarriage

If I should be miscarrying and my body is not actively expelling the fetal tissue, then this is not good.  My hcg levels can still rise with miscarriage in the near future.  The cervix staying closed means that doctors will be concerned that my body won’t reject the pregnancy on its own.  I am not considering a medical miscarriage at this time.  [Look at my previous posts on this miscarriage for the reasons miscarriage is expected.]

SCENARIO TWO – Subchorionic Hematoma

I myself am not convinced that I have a blighted ovum.  My body still thinks it is pregnant, and I have to hold onto hope.  Had the ultrasound technician at the hospital found a fetal pole, I would assume that I’m suffering from subchorionic hematoma, a scary event that may or may not result in terminated pregnancy.  And indeed I was diagnosed with threatened miscarriage and a subchorionic hematoma.  In my opinion, based on a lot of reading over the past few days, 5w4d might have been a bit early to even find the fetal pole or the fetus might have been hiding.  Until I see that ultrasound on Monday, I am staying hopeful that my pregnancy is still intact.

I regret that I need a follow-up ultrasound.  I’m not confident in the safety of ultrasound in pregnancy.  I had three ultrasounds in my first pregnancy – one at about 11 weeks because the CNM didn’t detect a heartbeat with the doppler and I was nervous; a “big” one in the 2nd trimester; one around 32 weeks to see if the low-lying placenta was going to be an issue in labor and delivery.  My daughter is fine.  But transvaginal ultrasound is more suspicious, in my opinion as the transducer is so much closer to the fetus.

Well, that’s enough for now.  I have a few more posts in the making . . .