Scar Integrity

Cesarean scar integrity in future trials of labor is a big topic in birth circles.  Someone on my ICAN list found a great entry on scar integrity, and the link is recirculating on that list as I write.

I appreciate and sympathize with her regarding the reason for such a journal entry:

People keep approaching me with “honest concern” regarding risk of rupture in a VBAC. Unfortunately, not a single one of these people has told me something that is true. There are many myths about c-sections and VBACs, most of which are perpetuated by caregivers forced to only offer repeat c-sections for liability and VBAC bans.

I especially like what she has to say with regard to healing time.  I’ve heard this myth circulated even in the homebirth community.  Shame on them!

Babyslime reference a post found at Joyous Birth.  I particularly adore this paragraph:

If your old surgeon questions the integrity of your healing, then he or she is expressing a complete lack of confidence in his/her work. Point that out. They need to think about this. If your new OB or midwife is questioning the integrity of your womb, then they need to be confronted about doubting the surgical skill of your previous surgeon. If they doubt his or her skill that seriously, perhaps they need to express their concern to the medical board.

I hope you’ll read both posts and then do your own research with regard to uterine rupture and scar integrity.  A couple of sites I usually send people to right away include: